CSR strategy and staff engagement

We developed our CSR strategy in conjunction with our staff and it continues to be developed this way. As a result, our CSR activities are designed by and for our staff to ensure programmes deliver changes that are important to our people and to our community.


Our community programme is focused on charitable fundraising, volunteerism and advocacy. Since we launched our CST strategy, community activities include:

  • Fundraising events - As part of our community programme, we host staff events each month and seasonal activities such as costume competitions, which have raised many thousands for over 40 charities with a particular focus on health, homelessness and children. These include the Irish Heart Foundation, Suicide or Survive, Barnardos, Operation Smile, Simon Community, Peter McVerry Trust, Haven, Our Lady's Hospice and Concern and St Vincent de Paul. 
  • Calcutta Run - The Calcutta Run is the Law Society's annual fund raising event which raises much needed funds for both GOAL and the Peter McVerry Trust. As part of our community programme, Beauchamps has increased its involvement with this event to support these two charities. 
Beauchamps Calcutta Run team
  • Dublin Devils Football Club - Beauchamps is a proud sponsor to the Dublin Devils and this year our donation will be used to support the purchase of new team kit in advance of the European Gay Games being held in Rome in July 2019.


Our environmental programme focuses on green initiatives, transport, recycling and technology. We recycle 8000 tonnes of paper each year and we recycle technology which is no longer fit for purpose.

  • Partnership with Camara, PC recycling and reuse - As part of our environmental programme, Beauchamps' PCs and other technology are shipped via Camara to schools for reuse in Kenya, Zambia and Ethiopia. This means about 2000 children from highly disadvantaged communities will become digitally literate as a result of reused Beauchamps' computers. There are also significant environmental benefits to this programme as 60 to 70% of the energy consumption of a desktop used during its lifetime is embedded at the manufacturing stage.
  • Employee travel - We provide tax-saver travel cards (25% employee take-up) and bike to work schemes (60% employee take-up) to staff to encourage use of public and environmental friendly forms of transport.
  • Energy saving protocols - Our energy saving protocols resulted in energy saving of approximately 20%. Key protocols include auto switch-off light fittings, limited lift usage, energy efficient heat and air conditioning systems, cooling systems in IT rooms and the use of virtual servers.
  • Secure Print Environmental Savings during 2018 to 2019 equated to 1.05 million litres, 12.7 trees and 3,058 kilograms of Co2.


Our workplace programme is focused on workplace, development, employee wellbeing and diversity and inclusion. Our activities in this area are focused on:

  • Employee wellbeing - As part of our workplace programme, we have a number of initiatives designed to safeguard the physical and mental health and wellbeing of employees. These include onsite yoga and pilates classes, running clubs, vaccinations, nutrition and wellness coach,fruit throughout the office and free SiSu juices in our cafeteria. We are continually investing in our building, IT and process infrastructure to create comfortable working environments and greater efficiencies in terms of how we work.
  • Employee development - We actively upskill, develop and promote our employees. Our HR and Knowledge Management teams deliver an annual schedule of training and development opportunities to support legal and business support employees in reaching their professional potential.
  • Diversity and inclusion - We value diversity throughout our firm as it helps us to achieve more for our clients. Diversity is essential to avoid “group think” and helps us approach problems from a variety of viewpoints. Our initial particular focus is on achieving a number of gender diversity goals to build on our current gender diversity with 37% female partners and 60% female legal staff. This is supported by our hiring practices and our female leaders initiative, which engages our female lawyers and clients and provides development opportunities to female professionals. Beauchamps also supports flexible working hours for a number of staff members to accommodate their priorities outside of the firm. 
    Beauchamps senior female partner leading meeting
    Young business woman leading meeting


Our marketplace programme focuses on client support, accessibility, legal aid and pro bono.

  • Pro bono legal aid - As part of our marketplace programme, our lawyers deliver pro bono advisory services through FLAC, the CIC and as board members for organisations such as MAB's, SAVE, Arabella Conselling, Heart Children Ireland, Retirement Planning Counsel of Ireland, as well as volunteering time for local community, national and international health and aid organisations.
  • Client support - Our client support initiatives are underpinned by our client service commitment, core values and knowledge management.