About Philip

Philip is a litigation & dispute resolution consultant. Philip works in insurance litigation with individuals and medical professionals and specialises in personal injury, medical negligence and property insurance litigation. 

His medical negligence cases include personal injuries caused by brain surgery, abdominal, gynaecological and other surgical interventions. Philip is particularly known for his significant experience of brain and spinal injury and other catastrophic personal injury litigation cases and he has secured multi-million Euro settlements for both medical surgical negligence and negligence and tort related injuries involving also motor accidents, employment related and other injuries and losses.

Philip also has specialist insurance litigation experience and tactical awareness of early stage intervention and pre-trial defence motions and has acted in virtually every conceivable tort based litigation.  

Recent experience

  • Plaintiffs in relation to their claims regarding cervical cancer misdiagnosis
  • Plaintiff in a claim relating to brain and spinal injuries and successfully achieved multi-million euro settlement
  • Disabled Plaintiff in a claim relating to a spinal injury following a fall in care centre
  • Plaintiff in a claim relating to personal injuries in relation to chemical contamination in the workplace
  • Medical practitioners and families in relation to fatal injury cases including representing these clients at various coroner's inquests